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Company Profile

We are a leading branded e-vapor company in China.  We leverage our strong in-house technology and product development capabilities and in-depth insights into adult smokers' needs to develop superior e-vapor products. To holistically improve adult smokers' experience with our products, we have implemented a multi-layered development framework that encompasses accessories, interactions, applications, phase-transitions and infrastructure.

We are committed to building and strengthening our trusted brand by consistently upholding and practicing our ethical principles. Through our Guardian Program, we promote the prevention of underage use of our products through a number of key initiatives, including the technology-driven Sunflower System, in concerted efforts with business partners. We also actively support a variety of other causes through our social responsibility initiatives relating to anti-counterfeiting, environmental protection and charity. Our brand's association with responsibility is well-recognized among our users, retailers, as well as other stakeholders of the e-vapor industry.

We are dedicated to scientific research and endeavor to utilize scientific advances to inform our technology and product development. We have established the RELX Physiochemistry Lab, which focuses on the assessment and research of e-liquid and aerosol, and the RELX Bioscience Lab, to pursue valuable scientific advances in further understanding and minimizing the health risks associated with e-vapor products.