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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Planet Matters

RLX Technology is committed to developing harm-reduction products that are good for global adult smokers and good for the planet. We combine technologies and science with passion to drive everything we do. We act in ways to create a more sustainable and better-shared future, so we can help make every day better for our users, our employees, our business partners, our communities, and our planet.

RELX’s ESG Reports

Transparency cultivates trust. Explore our ESG Report 2022 to find out the progress we are making towards sustainability and the highlights throughout the year.

RELX’s ESG Report 2022 (English)

RELX’s ESG Report 2022 (Chinese)

RELX’s ESG Report 2021 (English)

Delivering Corporate Value through ESG Excellence


Effective corporate governance is crucial to managing our business to the highest standards. Accordingly, RELX has established an ESG committee within our Board of Directors, which oversees the Company’s strategic ESG issues and monitors our ESG performance. We also have clear policies and standards to ensure that RELXers and our business partners behave sustainably. These cover ESG issues and responsibilities, including business ethics, product quality and safety, responsible marketing, human rights and the environment.


RELX has established a strictly controlled supply chain and quality management system to provide high-quality products. We have strict requirements for supplier selection. We conduct supplier admittance assessment to evaluate environmental compliance, management system certification (such as ISO14001, ISO45001, etc.), labor right standards, R&D capabilities, and quality control. Suppliers that pass the assessment need to sign the RELX Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Environmental Protection Agreement, Anti-bribery Agreement, etc., to ensure that they meet RELX's sustainability requirements.

RELX has set up the RELX Physiochemistry Lab to precisely control the chemical composition and levels of potentially harmful release of e-liquids and aerosols. Moreover, we have established the RELX "1+4" scientific research chain: on the premise of ensuring product quality, we conduct scientific research through physical and chemical research, toxicological research, clinical research, and long-term impact assessment to study and prove product safety as well as explore the possibility of further harm reduction.

RELX takes several effective measures to prevent minors from buying our products. We have extended the Guardian Program to cover all distributors and stores to ensure that product sales are kept away from minors. We regularly carry out responsible marketing training for all employees to enhance their compliance awareness and ensure our sales operations comply with all relevant laws and regulations.


We are committed to building climate resilience across our operation and value chain. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and action plans for reducing carbon emissions and water consumption. Furthermore, the Used Pods Recycling Program enables us to explore new possibilities in making our products more eco-friendly while contributing to rural revitalization in China.


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We continually strive to promote sustainable development in our operations and help our business partners do the same.

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