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For ESG Analysts
Materiality Material Issues and Analysis
Corporate Governance Profile of the Directors
Board Effectiveness
ESG Governance
Risk Management and Control
Statement from the Board of Directors
Business Ethics RELX Code of Business Conduct
RELX Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Rules
RELX Internal Whistleblowing Rules
Business Ethics Training
Whistleblowing System

Alliance Membership:

Trust and Integrity Enterprise Alliance and Enterprise Anti-Fraud (阳光诚信联盟)

Alliance of Guangdong Enterprise Institute for Internal Controls(广东省企业内部控制协会企业反舞弊联盟)

Chemical Safety RELX Science
Harm Reduction
Product Quality
Responsible Marketing RELX Responsible Marketing Policy
Guardian Program
Training on Responsible Marketing and Advertising Practices
Audit and Control Procedures on Responsible Marketing<
Sustainable Supply Chain RELX Code of Conduct for Business Partners
Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Supplier Audits
About 74% of core suppliers passed ISO14001.
Human Capital Labor Management
Talent Development
Employee Care
Health and Safety
Community Investment Contributions to Communities
Environmental RELX Environmental Policy
TCFD Disclosures
GHG Emission Reduction
Water Management
Waste Gas, Waste Water, and Solid Waste Management
Certificates RLX ISO14064-2018 Certificate
Fangxin Technology ISO14001-2015 Certificate
Fangxin Technology ISO45001-2018 Certificate
Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Communication
ESG Key Performance ESG Key Performance Indicators